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With customer satisfaction as our goal, whether it be commercial or residential, we  at West Moor Gardening Services guarantee the highest quality of work in all aspects of our work.

As an ex serviceman we also provide discount to both Veterans and Pensioners. 

Keeping your gutters clear of blockages from accumulated debris such as leaves, moss, and dirt is an important part in protecting your property against damp penetration and gutter blockage. Without proper regular maintenance, damp and decay caused by blocked and damaged guttering can lead to expensive repair bills. 

Blocked gutters become heavy and can sag therefore water flow is affected. A regular gutter maintenance routine is therefore adviseable. We recommend an annual gutter inspection, however, at the first sign of problems with your guttering and downpipes, please contact us and we’ll be glad to be of assistance.

West Moor Gardening Services are fully insured and offer a first class gutter cleaning service. Box gutters and hard to reach areas such as above conservatories are no problem with our specialised equipment.

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